12/30/10: One down!

First show is in the books and with only minor technical difficulties! (read: Sean forgot his pedalboard, which we use in every song.) It's cool. Winged it and dunked it. Airport 81 was sexy as hell too. Thanks for letting us play, dudes!

Covers getting posted soon. We crashed two computers trying to get them up so far, so let's home that doesn't become a trend. We like our computers to stay running.

12/25/10: Merry Christmas, batties!

It's Christmas, and we're obliged to wish you a happy and safe holiday season. That said, bring on the candy and presents, and let's get this day over with! B ;)

12/15/10: Covers will be up soon!

We're wrapping up the first set of covers this weekend! Things are going to start coming together a lot quicker with some of the new toys we got! We're not gonna tell you what they are, so you'll just have to check back after the weekend to hear 'em for yourself. Oh, and we're getting even more new toys for Christmas. January's gonna be a party all its own. No jokez. Your ears can't hide from us. We know where they sleep. And we're gonna aurally rape your dreams. Yep.


12/08/10: Oh my god. They're coming!

That's what she said, anyway. MALAYSIAN BAT EXPERIENCE HAS IT'S FIRST SHOW ON THE BOOKS! Wednesday, December 29th, we'll be lighting up the establishment known as The Whistle Stop. It's in South Park (San Diego), it's FREE, and the whole night is going to be a huge dance party. We know you'll be there.

12/01/10: Drop whatever you're doing.

No, seriously. Stop, and go play this game.

Best. Game. EVER.

11/27/10: My bad, my bad.

The downloadable cover of "Boys in the Hood" wasn't linked up correctly. It took the courageous words of a young lady whose name we shall not mention (Samantha) to bring it to our attention. Sorry everyone! We know you all wanted that one! IT WORKS NOW! PROMISE!

P.S. It was in parentheses, so it didn't count.

11/25/10: Happy Thanksgiving and shit.

We're thankful for you, our radical friends and listeners, and most importantly, for MLB 10 The Show for PlayStation 3. Yeah, we said it. What're you gonna do about it? Seriously though. Have a safe holiday and don't forget to purge when you pile those calories on! (Not really. That'd be wayyy unhealthy. Just cut off a limb or something.)

11/24/10: Holy fuck! YOU'RE A REAL BAND NOW?!!

The Bats are back, homeboys and homegirls. We're making sweet new jams that you won't be able to resist. Get ready for the takeover. MBX is owning a city and club near you in 2011. Hit us up on Twitter (twitter.com/wearethebats), Facebook (facebook.com/wearethebats), or Myspace (myspace.com/wearethebats) and tell us where we need to be playing and who we need to be playing with. MBX live shows are a dance party light show with two dudes that have entirely too much time on their hands.

And if you're feeling sassy, head over to our requests page and request a cover. No limits. Request absolutely anything. Starting in December, we'll be doing at least two covers a week and posting them in the experiences section. Not every single request will get turned into a cover, but we'll do our best to make as many happen as possible! Get creative and we'll turn your request into an electronica cover for the ages! :)