Want us to make an electronic cover of a song? Any song? No fakies? Submit a request, girlfriend.

First things first, here are a couple notes:

1) Not every single request will be turned into a bad ass electro dance party. We'll be choosing two (possibly more) songs per week to make into covers, and they'll be posted twice a month. Nothing personal, but as we found out when we started this idea, we simply don't have enough time to cover every song in the world. Sorry batties!

2) If your song doesn't get chosen, please don't submit it again! We get a TON of requests every week, so you're just cluttering things up and making it more difficult for us to see ANY of your requests, let alone the one you want. Thanks! :)

3) For obvious legal reasons, we won't be charging for any of our covers. They'll be posted free on the covers page for your listening and downloading pleasure. However, if you wanna donate us some cash monies for our under-appreciated musical efforts, we'd love you forever.

'Kay. That's it. Request something creative! :D

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